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During this time of uncertainty with Covid 19 we are working together with our schools to make sure the children stay healthy and happy both mentally and physically. We hope the children can continue to do physical activity either at school (for key workers children) and also at home with their families. Get active together, play games, move about, dance, share activities and make sure your children remember some of the good times through this difficult period.

We all need to stay strong, be resilient and keep as healthy as we can through these challenging times. A  good way to  stay positive is by getting active and for us all to pull together and help each other and our community to stay as fit and healthy as we can, in a safe environment. We may not be able to attend big sporting events for a while, so it’s time to get creative and make the most of time spent together.

Below are some suggestions for you to try at school or at home. Feel free to adapt these ideas to suit the space and equipment you have, and feel free to add in more challenges. Remember to do some of the following before you start:

1) Make sure you are dressed appropriately for exercise and wear trainers or plimsolls on your feet to provide support and grip, and the space you are using is clear of any obstacles that might cause you harm.

2) Do a gentle warm up and stretch such as walking on the spot, holding your stretches for 10 seconds without bouncing.

3) Whilst doing the activities your heart rate should increase and you may feel out of breath- this is normal, but if you feel it is too high, then reduce the activity level.

4) Its better to do exercise 'little and often' rather than a lot in one go and then nothing for a week!

5) Finish with a cool down- so your heart rate comes down gradually- such as jogging on the spot reduced down to walking on the spot.

6) Most importantly- have fun!!

June and July 2020 Challenges

Year 1 - Jumping Challenges

Information sheet and Result sheet

Year 2 - Mini Games

Information sheet and Result sheet

Year 3/4 - Quad Kids Athletics

Information sheet and Result sheet

Year 5/6 - Cricket

Information sheet and Result sheet

Your childrens school has been sent this information, but it is their decision how they choose to use it and whether they are setting it directly to parents. All results need to be in by 8th July to [email protected] please.

Scheduling exercise into your daily routine is important, now more than ever. Active Essex are launching a livestream timetable that will be held on their new YouTube channel. Check out the range of #Essex deliverers who will be coming to a screen near you everyday! Check out the timetable here and join in an upcoming session. #KeepEssexActive

The Chief Medical Officer has expressed the importance of exercising during this time. Find something to do each day with Active Essex's new #KeepEssexActive YouTube channel that will be full of livestream workouts for you to follow from the comfort of your own home.

Keep Essex Active YouTube

This week's timetable is here.

Keep Essex Active from home contains 4 sub sections - gentle exercise, active families, high energy and health and well being.

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