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Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


Year 5  + teachers

As outlined at the PLT meeting in September, this will be for yr 5 pupils and their teachers to get very muddy, have fun, problem solve, develop their teamwork, determination and perseverance skills.

Examples are tyre turning, going over scramble nets and carrying heavy objects as a team

This event will take place regardless of the weather

Essentials are for OLD clothes and shoes to be worn (as they will be getting muddy!)

Depending upon the weather on the day, pupils can either wear shorts and t-shirts or jumpers and tracksuit bottoms- NOT their PE kitIn a separate plastic bag- a change of clothes (including underwear) and a change of shoes- this could be their uniform they change back into.

Changing rooms will be available. Warm clothes are essential for changing into as usually mud = cold!!

Teachers I would also bring black bin liners to put all of your kids bags in (in case its wet on the field or raining), some wet wipes and maybe some towels

Inhalers (for those who need them) and water bottles please (for everyone)

Let me know if you have any questions!